The IFF 2017 Call for Proposals is closed! Thank you all for the amazing turnout.

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Host a Session at the Internet Freedom Festival

Please, read the following instructions thoroughly before submitting your proposal.

1. As a presenter, you should:

Trigger a conversation over a particular topic that will continue outside of the session

Be inclusive and foster new connections between participants

Respect diversity of opinion, experience and background. Please review our Code of Conduct

Design your session to fit under one of the IFF’s Themes

Avoid using a projector or technical equipment

Limit your session time to between 1 and 3 hours

Invite different organizations or projects to collaborate on the session with you

Create, share and update your session’s page on the IFF Wiki

2. Session Formats


A practical, hands-on oriented session.


Teach something to the attendees


Collectively improve software/hardware


Share your experience and ideas and invite reflection

Panel Discussion

Several speakers sharing their point of view around one topic

Networking Event

Session designed to connect the attendees

Off-Site Session

Take advantage of the usually sunny weather and host a session outside of the venue


You can also create your own formats, as long as they fit within the allocated times and spaces.