Accessible database of best practice law - digital rights & information freedom

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Session Description

We at IMMI have been wanting to get a collaboration started on bringing together best practice laws (and the actually best functioning laws) in the fields of digital rights, freedom of expression and freedom of information and to make them accessible through translations and precise presentation for NGOs, policy makers and everyone and anyone who may benefit from cutting research time or those who do not have the capacity to conduct heavy research. This project really needs the involvement of the online rights community and possibilities for inclusion are unlimited given that the database will require maintenance and due updates, as well as translations into as many languages as we can manage. There are other functions such a database can have, such as raising awareness and promoting policy reform. The first step - and all we are concerned with at this juncture - is to begin work on establishing an accessible database with regards to data protection, whistleblower protection, source protection, freedom of expression, freedom of information, etc.

Accessible database of best practice law - digital rights & information freedom
Presenter/s Gudjon Idir & Smari McCarthy
Bio/s Gudjon Idir - Executive Director of IMMI. Academic background includes philosophy and psychology. Activist background includes refugee's rights, information freedom and transparency. Too short?
Language English

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