Advanced topics in GPG key security: smartcards and Yubikeys

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Session Description

This workshop is intended to introduce proficient GPG users to smartcards or hardware tokens like Yubikeys as more sophisticated ways to protect private keys from accidental disclosure. This is intended to be a hands-on workshop in which participants use their own hardware and step through the process as they go. If time permits, we will also discuss other GPG-hardening steps and additional functionality available in the hardware tokens participants have brought.

Advanced topics in GPG key security: smartcards and Yubikeys
Presenter/s Tom Lowenthal
Organization Committee to Protect Journalists
Bio/s Tom Lowenthal is a technologist & activist with a special fascination for operational security & grassroots surveillance self-defense. He believes strongly in individual privacy & personal freedom and tries to avoid making eye contact with security cameras — which is not nearly as effective as he thinks it is. He's currently Staff Technologist at the Committee to Protect Journalists where he works to make the Internet and the tools, platforms, & devices that connect to it safe places for the practice of journalism without fear of censorship or reprisal. He has previously worked as Project Coordinator at the Tor Project, Paranoia Advocate at Mozilla, and as a freelance tech policy & security writer for Ars Technica. You might find him as @flamsmark on Twitter and his GPG key's fingerprint is 1ADE 9951 1A97 95FA 3557 53DC 51E7 1B75 4A09 B187.
Language English

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