Adversary resistant computing: Subgraph OS

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Session Description

We would like to give a short presentation about Subgraph OS and offer an interactive technical demo session. We will be releasing our alpha version near the IFF (March 2016) and hope to get initial feedback from the other participants of the Internet Freedom Festival. Subgraph OS is a computing and communications platform for adversary resistant computing. It is designed to allow users to use applications they are accustomed to using in a way that reduces the likelihood of compromise and long-term surveillance through the exploitation of software vulnerabilities and installation of remote access trojans (RATs) on their endpoint. To accomplish this objective, we've build a Linux-derived desktop operating system with many hardening features to obfuscate the user's origin and platform, make many classes of vulnerability less feasible to reliably exploit, and limit the impact of any successful attacks.

Adversary resistant computing: Subgraph OS
Presenter/s David Mirza Ahmad, Bruce Leidl, David McKinney, Matthieu Lalonde
Bio/s Prior to working on Subgraph OS, Subgraph wrote Orchid, a Java Tor client implementation and library that has been incorporated into Martus and other projects. The Subgraph team has a long history of working in security and privacy technologies, with a focus on software vulnerabilities, exploitation, and countermeasures. The experience of the subgraph team includes finding major vulnerabilities as well as running the largest forum (Bugtraq) dedicated to the technical discussion of software vulnerabilities, exploits, and patches.
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