Africa - Where net neutrality goes to die!

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Session Description

After buying 33% of Rocket's Africa Internet Group (AIG) in 2013, MTN in Nigeria announced that it is zero-rating a number of rocket services on its network. This means that MTN customers will be able to use Rocket owned Jumia, Kaymu and Jovago without it counting against their data bundles. With this and similar initiatives from Facebook owned, there is a big debate going on whether these initiatives violate net neutrality and even if they do, if the consumer benefit outweighs the ethical costs of discriminating traffic based on where it comes from and potentially creating barriers for smaller entrants to enter established markets. The session will delve on how a free, open and secure internet is essential for development in emerging markets especially Africa. Attendants should be regulators, ISPs, policymakers, civil society representatives, activists, business representatives and technical community representatives.

Africa - Where net neutrality goes to die!
Presenter/s Natasha Msonza and Njeri Chelimo
Language English

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