Ally Skills Workshop

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Ally Skills Workshop
Presenter(s) Trinh Nguyen, Gaba Rodriguez, Carol Waters, Alex
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2017 theme Community

This year at the IFF, we're excited to be offering attendees the chance to participate in one of several Ally Skills Workshops. These are specially tailored training & awareness raising sessions, designed by IFF Diversity Advisor Valerie Aurora, to give participants an opportunity to learn and practice ally skills like listening, amplifying voices, and speaking up when you see problems.

We have three Ally’s Workshops scheduled for this week. Register here. If we see that there are more people than we can accommodate we will schedule more Ally’s Workshop sessions. Please check the schedule for last update on it.

What are ally skills?

Ally skills are specific techniques that help people with more power, privilege or influence better support people who have less. Through them, individuals can work towards creating more inclusive and diverse communities.

Why are we offering this workshop?

Our community is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds who are united by a common mission. As a result, our work must not only speak to this diversity but truly reflect it. Allies are an intrinsic part of creating a strong, effective community that is characterized by solidarity and collaboration. By ensuring that all voices are equally heard and represented, we can ensure that we are creating the best strategies and solutions possible.

What will the workshop be like?

Most of the workshop is spent in small group discussions exploring different ways an ally can act in real-world scenarios. In addition, participants practice having respectful, inclusive, and effective discussions. At the end of each exercise, each group reports out what they discussed, the ideas that came out of it, and the pros and cons of each solution, as well as providing the larger group with opportunities to ask questions and feedback.

Should I attend this workshop?

You should come if you are interested in learning ally skills or teaching them to others! This includes people who want to get better at supporting their colleagues but don't know how, and people who want to help educate allies by sharing their experience and knowledge. Since a goal of the workshop is to practice listening, it helps to have a variety of people with different experiences.

Format Workshop
Target Groups All IFF Participants
Length 2 Hours
Skill Level Novice
Language English, Español

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