Autonomous Wireless and GSM Networks

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Session Description

In this session we would like to share the experiences of building a mesh network and a GSM cell in the village of Fumaça, Brazil; and the community networks built by altermundi in Argentina. This would last 10 minutes for each, 20 in total. Then we would like to share and hear different models of financing, managing, and the technology used by different groups and communities around the world in the last 40 minutes.

Autonomus Wireless and GSM Networks
Presenter/s Guido, Isabelle
Organization nuvem / altermundi
Bio/s Bruno Vianna was born in Rio de Janeiro 43 years ago. He used to make visual narratives using classical and innovative supports. He lived in New York and Barcelona, and still tries to spend a few months traveling every year. He now runs Nuvem, a rural art laboratory and residency space, located 200km from Rio, and works as a teacher at Oi Kabum! School.
Language english

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