Bridging the Divide: talking to users, trainers, developers, and more!

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Session Description

Did you ever want to talk with a developer who’s built a digital security tool you use or train on? Are you a developer who is interested on how people use your tool? This 2-hour cross-track session will bring together members from Usability, Diversity, Gender, Training, and Developers tracks (and more! All are welcome) to share challenges from both the user/trainer and developer sides in small groups. This builds upon the runaway success of inviting tool developers into 2015’s Trainer Summit, and provides a larger and slightly more formalized setup. The event will encompass two rounds of facilitated small group discussions, one led by users and trainers discussing the unique challenges they face and training challenges they encounter, and the second led by tool developers to share the security and design constraints they operate in. Both rounds will be in the form of question-driven small breakout groups, with usability track members helping to facilitate a respectful and positive conversation.

Bridging the Divide: talking to users, trainers, developers, and more!
Presenter/s Internews’ USABLE team & ThoughtWorks
Bio/s Jon Camfield is Senior Technologist for Internews, working on ICT programs. Jon has over a decade of experience in using technology for social change that spans the public, private, non-profit, and social enterprise sectors. He served in the Peace Corps with the Ministry of Education in Jamaica. Jon has an MA in International Science and Technology Policy from the Elliot School at GWU and a bachelors' degree from the University of Texas' prestigious Plan II honors program. Megan DeBlois is program coordinator at Internews. Megan works across a variety of projects aimed at improving the safety and security of journalists and activists in high-risk environments. She received her joint Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Middle East Studies from the University of California, San Diego.
Language English, with potential to do break-outs in select languages

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