Bringing it all together: Threat modeling, gender-based violence risk assessment and safety planning

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Session Description

This session will be an interactive, 2-hour 'how to' workshop on practical steps to integrate "threat modeling," gender-based violence risk assessment and safety planning. The approach flows from and deepens the integrated security framework for holistic operational/physical security, psychosocial security and digital security. This session is for anyone who does security assessments and planning with humans, digital security training, as well as for journalists, human rights researchers and defenders, activists, and anyone who faces physical, psychological and digital threats in their work.

Bringing it all together: Threat modeling, gender-based violence risk assessment and safety planning
Presenter/s Jennifer Schulte
Bio/s Jennifer Schulte is a human rights researcher and senior gender advisor with over a decade of experience working with international humanitarian, development and human rights organisations. She has led gender research and evaluation for projects in 50 low-income and conflict-affected countries across Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and South America. She has also trained human rights defenders, journalists, and humanitarians on holistic security and protection tools and tactics, specialising in gender-based violence prevention and response. She has further advised organisations on data privacy, ethics and accountability in using new technologies for human rights and humanitarian research. She is a former staff researcher of the International Center for Research on Women. Her consulting experience includes research and training design and implementation for the Tactical Technology Collective, Article 19, EngageMedia, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, and Plan International, among others. She holds an MSc in Gender Research (Sociology) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Language English

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