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Session Description

Many of the tools we use today to free our internet experience are implemented as Browser extensions.These pieces of code extend the functionality of our browser user agents to perform a variety of tasks - remove ads, prevent access through insecure channels, proxy our traffic around censorship, and many more.

This discussion will discuss some of the current tensions in the world of extensions, what's involved in bending some of the limits placed on them, and share knowledge on building fast, safe, and useful extensions.

Some of the topics of discussion will likely include:

  • Avoiding the misery of XUL-based firefox extensions
  • Distributing chrome extensions in countries where the chrome webstore is blocked
  • Auditing security and testing of large javascript code bases
  • Extensions in a mobile-first world
Browser Hyper-Extension
Presenter/s Will Scott
Ben Schwartz
Organization UW / uProxy
Bio 1 Will is a graduate student at the university of Washington. He's worked on proxxy, a chrome extension for configuring browser proxy settings, and uProxy.
Bio 2 Ben is a Software Engineer working on uProxy, a browser extension for proxying data through your social network.
Language English
Topics Internet, Web Development

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