Bug Reporting 101: How to make the tools we use better even if we can't code

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Session Description

Trainers and newcomers to digital security tools: Do you ever notice problems with a piece of software you use, but feel like there's nothing you can do to fix it? Notice problems in a tool's translation to your language? Have you reported a problem to developers only to have them say they can't reproduce the problem? And developers: would you like to support end users in giving richer, more insightful feedback? Join us for a workshop on reporting bugs. Bring the issues you've been wanting to report forever, and we'll see if we can get them reported! Gus will give a brief <10 minute presentation on best practices for bug reporting. For the rest of the time, we will have a bug reporting jam session. At the end, we will check in and participants can give feedback on the bug reporting tools themselves.

Bug Reporting 101: How to make the tools we use better even if we can't code
Presenter/s Gus Andrews
Organization Simply Secure
Bio/s Gus Andrews is a Senior Usability Research Fellow this year at Simply Secure. Previously, she worked on the Festival, hackathons, and usability studies and resources at the Open Internet Tools Project. She has been an organizer at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference and a panelist on the hacker radio show Off The Hook, as well as a founder of New York City Indymedia. Her YouTube series, The Media Show, answers questions about how media and technology work.
Language English

Session Comments

Gus's slides from the session