Building a Digital Security Trainer Community in Latin America

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Session Description

There is a growing number of people and organizations working on digital security in Latin America, and the 2015 Circumvention Tech Festival provided one of the first venues for this nascent community to come together. In the year since, however, it has become clear that there is still a need to bring together all the digital security trainers from the region for more strategic community-building. This session will bring together all LAC digital security trainers at IFF for a strategic meet and greet, and focus on mapping areas of support, expertise, and coordination, with an aim to get the ball rolling on building a LAC regional trainer community that works together and supports one another!

Building a Digital Security Trainer Community in Latin America
Presenter/s Lindsey Andersen and Nicolas Sera-Leyva
Bio/s Lindsey Andersen is the Program Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean at Internews where she leads projects on digital security

training and assistance, tool localization, and internet freedom research in LAC. In addition to acting as a digital security trainer for beneficiaries in the region, she also coordinates digital security training projects working with local and regional trainers, looking to build their capacity and provide them with training opportunities. She works closely with LevelUp lead Nic Sera-Leyva, and the two have worked over the past year to build-up the LAC trainer community within LevelUp. Prior to entering the tech space, Lindsey came from the traditional LAC human rights world, which continues to inform and inspire her work with Latin America at Internews.

Language English

Session Comments

Para quienes asistieron la sesión y para quienes quieren juntarse a la comunidad latinoamericana de entrenadores, vamos a crear un listserv en las proximas semanas. Para juntarse al listserv, por favor manda un email o a Lindsey ( o a Nick ( y te agregamos.

La otra idea popular fue crear un wiki para compartir materiales - curriculas, guias, recursos, etc. El plan es seguir la conversación sobre esto en el list serv.

Las idea para colaboración que surgieron de la sesión son: - Mejoramiento de recursos sobre capacitación: - compartiendo consejos y ejemplos que mejoren capacitación - consejos para planificacion y preparacion de talleres - construcción de redes para colaboración