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Session Description

Building software does not mean simply have an idea and implement it, but means also build something that actually works. To solve the issue of properly unit-test your software, a large set of methodology, tools and software are already available off the shelf and some of them are also a freely offered by cloud services to open source projects. In this workshop we will discuss about the most valuable methodology and tools helping on this topic and it will be possible to discuss all together about the best practices on the field and evaluate how to plan and apply them on the project of the attendees. During the session we expect to already have a look with opensource developers on how to starts using those tools, so that by the end of IFF some quality measure is already in-place.

Building better software
Presenter/s Giovanni Pellerano (evilaliv3)
Organization Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
Bio/s CTO at Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, Giovanni is developer for the projects GlobaLeaks and Tor2web.
Language English
Topics Continuous Integration / Unit Testing / Browser Testing

Session Comments