Care and Sustainability in Organizing

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Care and Sustainability in Organizing
Presenter(s) Gavriel, Grace, Sarah (Facilitators)
Title(s) Folks
Organization(s) Lots
Project(s) Lots
Country(ies) USA, Canada, Lebanon
Social media Yes
2017 theme Self Organized Session

This session will focus on how we can mutually care for one another throughout our work. Each day there is a new threat from administrations we fight against that compromises our physical and emotional well-being. In a moment when we all here can easily feel like we move from one crisis to another, how can we support one another's well being? What concrete skills, examples, and best practices do participants use and have seen used to take care of themselves? In other words, what do we need to survive the emotional and physical toll our work can take on us and our communities we love and are accountable to? This is part of systematic historical oppression that we have been subjected to for centuries. How do we continue our strategies of resistance, self-care, and liberation? How do we redefine a social liberation that is inclusive to all people and support one another? For the purpose of this time, the presenters will not present information, but serve to hold the space for a broad based community conversation. There is no agenda, the topics discussed will be determined by all who are present!

Format Community Conversation
Target Groups All who feel overworked
Length 1.5
Skill Level All
Language English

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