Censorship Resistant Social Networking

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Session Description

Recent advancements in social network technology have focused on protecting the user's privacy and security, especially in the context of real-time chat. Unfortunately, these secure communication services are often blocked in the places where they are needed most.

In this session, I will present a new free-software system for user-rendezvous and real-time chat, codenamed Quiver. Quiver is designed to resist censorship by an advanced network adversary. Quiver has recently been deployed publicly for the first time as part of uProxy, but it is a general utility for censorship-resistant programmatic messaging between endpoints around the world.

Quiver is written entirely in javascript, and can run in any webpage or browser extension. In pursuit of censorship-resistance, Quiver makes use of:

* OpenPGP
* Socket.IO
* Domain fronting
* uPnP for NAT configuration
* HTTP stack in pure JS

This session will start with an overview of Quiver's current design, and then proceed with technical discussion about how to apply, develop, and evolve this protocol to serve YOUR use case.

Session Title
Presenter Ben Schwartz
Organization Jigsaw
Bio Ben Schwartz is a Google Software Engineer at Jigsaw and contributor to uProxy
Language English
Topics Censorship circumvention Rendezvous Distributed systems

Session Comments

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