Challenging Corporate Secret, Using the Internet for Accountability

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Session Description

Globally, a new trend to criminalise online activism against corrupt corporations is rapidly growing. Without safeguards for corporate whistleblowing and activism, our free speech is at risk of being silenced online. The purpose of the session will be to bridge anti corruption campaigners and Internet activists, to precisely highlight the dangers of the upcoming regulatory trends, impeding campaigning disclosing online the wrongdoings of corporations. It will be a brainstorming session to diagnose the problem, but also start thinking about the solutions, as all over the World there will be efforts to pass new legislation around the topic during 2016. It will also propose a self regulatory frame for companies to offer opportunities and encourage whistleblowing, public interest journalism and citizen scrutiny online.

Challenging Corporate Secret, Using the Internet for Accountability
Presenter/s Renata Avila

Marilin Gonzalo, Journalist, El Diario

Simona Levi, Director, XNet, leading a campaign against criminalisation of whistleblowing, Spain

Renata Avila, Board, Web Foundation, Global *moderator*

Annegret Falter, Director, Whistleblower Network, Germany

Jillian York, EFF, Online Censorship Project, USA

Language English

Session Comments