Coming shortly to your screens: Secure Group Messaging

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Session Description

Several applications for secure communication that have been developed over the years use different protocols for securing multi-party chat messaging. By choosing their particular protocol and implementation, Textsecure, Signal, Zom, ChatSecure, Telegram and Cryptocat are trying to mitigate different threat models and therefore they also address different user bases. This session will illustrate different proposals, protocols and implementations for multi party chat messaging. Starting from a description of (n+1)sec (, a secure protocol for multi-party chat messaging, we will discuss other protocols used in various applications. In the end, the different approaches will be compared, relating them to the different threat models each of them tries to address and examining their advantages and shortcomings as regards: confidentiality, authenticity, deniability, malicious insiders, room consistency and denial of service. In the end, we will also discuss how to incorporate a multi-party secure messaging functionality into a chat client, highlighting the challenges involved not only with regard to programming, but also to security and user experience. We are talking with ChatSecure to see if we can combine our respective presentations on this topic.

Coming shortly to your screens: Secure Group Messaging
Presenter/s Vmon
Bio/s A cryptographer and a software developer. Vmon has worked for various companies in security, cryptographic research and development. He has a Ph.D. in cryptography and also a developer with the Tor project working on innovative anti-censorship technologies. Vmon is leading research and development on projects, concentrating on cryptography and machine learning.
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