Community Networks, why and how?

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Community Networks, why and how?
Presenter(s) Various
Social media
2017 theme Community, Internet Freedom

SESSION: Gatewaying Community Networks, or not?


This last minute session comes out of some discussions at the end of the 'Community ISPs: building alternative networks' on Thursday afternoon in Taller 6.

This session will be an informal discussion of ethical questions and options in gatewaying new community networks (or not) to the global internet.

What options are available to introduce content creation before consumption?

How to connect a community while at the same time, enabling the community to protect ifself and its culture from the big players on the global internet?

What kind of workshops, trainings, health warnings should accompany a new internet connection?

"The network is nuetral, but the gateway is not." - Is partial gatewaying acceptable? For example rate limiting, or gatewaying only federated services such as xmpp, email?

If you have any experience or interest in the theme, please come along to FlyOver Front 3.45 pm Friday

Format Conversation
Target Groups Community networkers, ISPs, mesh networkers
Length 1 hour
Skill Level All
Language English

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