Comparing Security of Gay Dating Apps

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Session Description

GrindrMap caused a stir back in 2014 when it revealed that Grindr can be easily used to geolocate gay men around the world. That was back in late 2014 and little has been discussed about the security of such apps since. I want to use the opportunity at the festival to kickstart this effort again. The time available won't be sufficient to have a final product, but a road map would be the primary goal. The main focus would be on how to create a useful chart similar to what GrindrMap started (, but include user features (instead of just technical) that empower users.

Comparing Security of Gay Dating Apps
Presenter/s Kody Leonard
Bio/s Kody Leonard is a Senior Information Security Manager for The ISC project and focuses on the Sub-Saharan Africa and SE Asia regions. He also focuses on digital threats of LGBTI communities. Kody is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Language English

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