Content design - How to write words that people will read, understand and won't scare them

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Session Description

A lot of project websites use words like "don't trust this software it's experimental", "you can trust our software its open source!". Telling users "don't trust our software as its experimental, but you can trust it because its open source" isn't helpful, however truthful it might be. Users are being told, essentially, don't use our software. It's understandable why - developers want to minimise the possibility of something bad happening. BUT, if users don't feel like they can trust the software, they will never get the opportunity to improve it. This will be a session on how to write content for project websites so that it wont scare users , but will explain why they need to open their eyes, and know what's involved when using software. Users aren't stupid. The session will include a review of a brave projects website and will come up with potential improvements to it - even better if we get users of the software in the session to - we can user test the content with them.

Content design - How to write words that people will read, understand and won't scare them
Presenter/s Bernard Tyers
Organization Individual
Bio/s I'm Bernard Tyers and I am a user researcher and interaction designer. I spent 12 years working as an engineer before I changed careers. I'm interested in user mental models of the OTR encryption for instant messaging. I currently work in the UK government building digital services for the UK public and visitors. Previously, I've worked on Amnesty International's Panic Button project as designer and researcher. I am involved in the open source design devroom at FOSDEM.
Language English and basic Spanish

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