Contextualizing censorship measurements in Venezuela

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Contextualizing censorship measurements in Venezuela
Presenter(s) Andres Azpurua, Carlos Guerra
Title(s) Director
Organization(s) Venezuela Inteligente
Project(s) VE sin filtro
Country(ies) Venezuela
Social media @andresazp @VEintleigente @VEsinFiltro
2017 theme Regions & Groups

Collecting measurements of network interference and internet shutdowns can provide hard evidence and early warning of foul play, however this information time-consuming to analyze; local and international organizations often have a hard time confirming reports of blocked sites or internet shutdowns; and reports that put this information in context often arrive months after the case.

We are working on a novel approach to contextualize the large amount of highly technical data collected from probes so that is useful for a wide array of users. This is being developed and implemented in Venezuela to take advantage of a large deployment of probes, but hopes to be useful to others in the community doing related work.

We will briefly discuss the needs and goals of our approach and live demo the project showing key results; finishing with a discussion of the limitations and benefits of this approach, how does it compare to other approaches and how can it be improved so it's useful in other contexts

Format Conversation
Target Groups internet shudowns
Length 1
Skill Level Intrmediate
Language English

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