Deploy an emergency Libre-Mesh network with local services

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Session Description

Being a hands-on workshop, participants will flash several routers with Libre-Mesh firmware, spread them around, and test the network with their own devices, using either p2p applications or with a local server (rPi). Since Libre-Mesh is currently tailored for long-term community networks, we'll be observing how Libre-Mesh can be used by random people in a different use-case (i.e. an incidental network), in order to identify technical or UX limitations of the current release. We expect the most diverse people to come, since the idea is to make Libre-Mesh (and mesh networks in general) accessible to non-techies or marginalized groups (gender minorities in tech, etc). Participants (with or without prior technical knowledge) will gain a first-hand experience of deploying a small mesh network, and understand how they can solve the lowest layers of Internet Freedom.

Deploy an emergency Libre-Mesh network with local services
Presenter/s Gui, Al Cano, Gioacchino, Mikhail Volchak (falanster), Isabelle Schwager
Bio/s Gui is a key contributor to the development of a Latin American community network model, designed by AlterMundi from a regional perspective, for small towns and digitally excluded areas, using very low-cost, multi-radio mesh nodes, which made possible two of the biggest community networks in Argentina. Libre-Mesh, an easy-to-deploy mesh firmware, was made with these experiences in mind, in collaboration with other developers from Europe: Among others, Al Cano and Griselda are long-time activists from who have deployed Libre-Mesh in several networks and helped with valuable feedback and documentation since the beginning, along with Gioacchino (another core developer) from, a big community network in Italy.
Language English

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