DigSec Curricula Design: when your powers combine...

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Session Description

Whether a trainer teaches specific topic such as digital security, or takes the holistic approach, it hard to determine if there's one best way for teaching complex concepts in an effective manner. A method that works in one context may not fare well in another. This workshop will invite seasoned and aspiring trainers from around the world to collaborate into combining experiences and come up with model training modules, thereby starting a process. The main objectives of this workshop will be three-pronged. 1. Share various structures for adult learning, especially success stories 2. Crowd source experiences and work in groups to develop training sessions that can be presented and critiqued upon 3. Start a process that enables trainers to emerge above their individual environments of practice, and mix and match each other's experiences and techniques to improve upon their existing methodologies.

DigSec Curricula Design: when your powers combine...
Presenter/s Fieke Jansen, Furhan Hussain
Organization Tactical Technology Collective; Bytes for All, Pakistan
Bio/s Fieke Jansen - Project lead, Politics of Data - Tactical Technology Collective At Tactical Tech, Fieke researches and writes on the Politics of Data and digital shadows. She hopes to bring more transparency to the global data industry. Prior to moving to Berlin, Fieke worked on the intersection of the internet, social change and security, working at Hivos to set up and manage their digital emergency programme for human rights defenders and activists. She also co-authored a book called Digital AlterNatives. Fieke holds a Masters degree in International Communication and an Advanced Masters in International Development Cooperation. She is interested in understanding the new spaces, grey areas and changing dynamics that technologies bring to the world. --- Furhan Hussain - Senior Project Manager - Bytes for All, Pakistan Furhan Hussain is a Karachi-Islamabad based human rights activist, digital security trainer, researcher, and communications professional. He currently leads digital security and advocacy at Bytes for All, Pakistan, with focus on freedom of expression, privacy rights and surveillance, censorship and information controls, and technology driven gender based violence. His organization, Bytes for All, has played a vital role in leading the free speech and digital rights debate in Pakistan since 2007, and has been advocating for restoration of Internet rights in Pakistan at all major national and international forums.
Language English

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