Digital Tools for Journalist Security

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Session Description

Presentation of a study carried out in 2015 among journalist around the world to learn about their use of digital tools for security. The study surveyed use of tools to protect communications, file storage and sharing, devices and geo-location, as well as evaluate risk and consult safety manuals or protocols. The study shows major differences in the security culture of journalists across geographic areas which reflect the main concerns about freedom of expression and privacy issues. The report, comissioned by the Center for International Media Assistance, will be published in February, 2016.

Digital Tools for Journalist Security
Presenter/s Javier Garza
Bio/s I'm a journalist based in Mexico working on journalist security and freedom of expression issues. I was recently a Knight Fellow at the International Center for Journalists and work as an advisor on safety issues for several organizations such as the World Association of Newspapers, Article19 and the Interamerican Press Association.
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