Digital security guides for the Latin American society

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Digital security guides for the Latin American society
Presenter(s) Oriana Hernández, Mario Felaco, Carlos Guerra
Title(s) Digital security guides for the Latin American society
Organization(s) Visión Democrática, Venezuela Inteligente
Project(s) Datos Bajo Llave
Country(ies) Venezuela
Social media
2017 theme Training & Best Practices

We want to present to the trainer’s community the project “Datos Bajo Llave” (Data Under Lock). The project consists in a group of guides presented through a website aimed for our training´s beneficiaries in Latin America and designed to be easily applied in other countries and regions. These guides collect our experiences like trainers (language of training, tested tools, concepts and updates) for four years.

We have two groups of guides. The first group of guides talk about the context and the needs and risks that the people can be subjected in their digital life and how they can start the road to the digital security. Only after explaining this concepts, the guides explain when and where it’s convenient to apply one kind of tool. We believe in a concept-oriented approach instead of a tool-oriented approach, as it has helped our journalist and NGO´s workers trainees to better understand the situation and be better armed with knowledge when choosing safety measures.

The second group of guides explains the tools that we have selected based on tests in the Venezuelans contexts. These guides include step by step instructions to download, install, configure and use.

With this session we want to have a conversation to present the results of our experience, hoping it can be useful for other partners in their teaching process. We also want to collect their impressions and feedback of our methodology, the topics and tools they considered important in their contexts and the way to present them to have a friendlier learning curve for our beneficiaries.

Format Conversation
Target Groups Security trainers, journalist, academia, communications professionals
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Intermediate
Language Español, English

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