Don't Make Killer Apps: Responsible Development Beyond Code

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Session Description

This interactive discussion aims to explore responsible app development from a best practices standpoint. Building upon the recent influx of security specific applications in the human rights and journalism sector, it explores what's needed to responsible develop an app - from code to human systems/processes (i.e. support). (a) Trainers, for their input on what constitutes a "responsible app". The outputs of the discussion on what constitutes responsible app development can also be helpful in informing how tools are selected. (b) Developers, for their input on the app life cycle - from development to rollout to (hopefully) further development. The outputs of the discussion can be helpful in elucidating the realities of building a secure app. (c) Donors, as a learning moment from the community.

Don't Make Killer Apps: Responsible Development Beyond Code
Presenter/s Geoff King, CPJ (moderator, session co-organizer, confirmed); Harlo Holmes (panelist, to be confirmed); Tom Lowenthal (panelist, confirmed); Kim Pham (session co-organizer)
Bio/s Geoffrey King, Internet Advocacy Director (CPJ), Fellow (Stanford Center for Internet and Society) Harlo Holmes, Digital Security Trainer (Freedom of the Press Foundation) - media scholar, software programmer, and activist, formerly of the Guardian Project Tom Lowenthal, Staff Technologist (CPJ) Kim Pham, Senior Program Officer, (SAFE/IREX)
Language English

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