Evolving Terminology with Evolved Technology

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Session Description

Over the decades, it has become clear that network topology has a correlation to network ownership but a lack of terminology standards has led to misunderstandings and wrongful assumptions. Sharing economy platforms and technologies with central ownership like Skype and Uber are referred to as 'peer-to-peer' painting them under a similar light as networks like bittorrent and bitcoin which have a drastically different ownership model. The term 'distributed' has been rendered essentially meaningless with the wide array of uses it takes on while the term 'decentralized' is also contested. With this session, I'd like to propose and discuss with attendees some terminology standards for differentiating between network structures and ownership models so we can better and more simply communicate with each other and to other groups. There are some fundamental questions about networks that could benefit from the attention of a diverse group of technologists, communicators and consumers so, anyone who does communication, marketing or simply likes to talk about network technology should find this as an interesting catalyst for creating a more effective communication model together.

Evolving Terminology with Evolved Technology
Presenter/s Paige Peterson
Bio/s Paige is an advocate for open standards, user privacy and decentralized technologies. After receiving a BFA practicing experimental art with a strong focus on complexity in nature, her interest was drawn towards decentralization as a concept that would bring reliability and sustainability into existing man-made systems. Her job with mesh networking startup, Open Garden and becoming an organiser of the San Francisco bitcoin meetup put her at the center of some of these technologies with decentralization at their core. In early 2014, Paige met Scotland-based company, MaidSafe who are building a peer-to-peer Internet using the very principles of natural systems which she became so attracted to many years prior and she has been working on various communication efforts with MaidSafe since.
Language English

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