Feedback on secure tools: Giving it and getting it more easily, with graphics

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Session Description

Commercial software designers get feedback on potential interfaces using graphic tools that make it easier for users to give feedback. They make it easier to get feedback from end users in remote locations, and to communicate potential design changes to developers. However, these tools, like Balsamiq, Moqups, and InVision, are all but unknown among developers of FLOSS secure tools.

In this session, we will explore how to make it easier and more effective for users to give feedback on software, and for developers to prototype and test interfaces quickly. Trainers and developers from all projects are invited to attend!

Bring laptops or web-accessible devices (tablets will probably be more useful than phones) to hack on. You might want to install the open source prototyping tool Pencil (for Win, Mac, or Linux) or create an account with one of the online mockup services below before the session, if you'd like to get a quick start.

After a brief introduction (<10 minutes) to various tools by Gus, we'll practice making new interfaces for tools you use or work on. At the end, teams will reconvene and share what they learned, along with tips, tricks, and best practices for working with these prototyping tools.

Tools we might work with:

"Feedback on secure tools: Giving it and getting it more easily, with graphics"
Presenter/s Gus Andrews
Organization Simply Secure
Bio/s Gus Andrews is a Senior Usability Research Fellow this year at Simply Secure. Previously, she worked on the Festival, hackathons, and usability studies and resources at the Open Internet Tools Project. She has been an organizer at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference and a panelist on the hacker radio show Off The Hook, as well as a founder of New York City Indymedia. Her YouTube series, The Media Show, answers questions about how media and technology work.
Language English

Session Comments

Gus's slides from the session