Forget (almost) everything you know: reassessing privilege and politics in digital advocacy

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Session Description

The impact of technical supremacy impacts demographic groups asymmetrically; many people feel it harms them more so because they already suffer as a result of other issues, other oppressions. This two-part session about reframing the way we see the digital rights and digital policy ecosystems will be a conversation held with audience participation and will include the following topics:

  • Ways to challenge innate systems of dominance in both international digital policy and digital the rights community.
  • How we can reexamine our conception of the privacy and security needs of individuals around the world who are seeking to assimilate into a world that is increasingly filled with digital threats
  • Ways to incorporate these strategies into our own work to build more secure tools, craft bolder strategies, create stronger networks and increase advocacy impact."
Challenging dominant stories in digital rights
Presenter/s Matthew Stender, Ruth Coustik-Deal
Language English

Session Comments