GNU Taler

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GNU Taler
Presenter(s) Jeffrey Burdges
Title(s) Privacy preserving payments with GNU Taler
Organization(s) Taler / GNUnet
Project(s) GNU Taler
Country(ies) France
Social media
2017 theme Tools & Technology

We'll discuss the GNU Taler system for anonymous and socially responsible payments through the web. Aside form offerping privacy preserving payments, Taler permits local currency initiatives to deploy an electronic payments infrastructure using only free software.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Advocates for local currencies and/or financial privacy
Length 1
Skill Level Introductory
Language English

Session Outputs

Next Steps

There is a demo for Chrome at

Additional Notes

Relevant Resources

We have more details at including information on running merchant websites.


Christian Grothoff, Florian Dold, Marcello Stanisci, Jeffrey Burdges, and others