Getting Started with Outline: Helping your friends and family access the Open Internet

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Getting Started with Outline.png
  • Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2022
  • Time: 9:30am - 11am EST / 2:30pm - 4pm UTC (What time is it in my city?)
  • Who: Vinicius Fortuna, Software Engineering Manager, Google and Daniel LaCosse, Google
  • Location: Zoom


Getting Started with Outline: Helping your friends and family access the Open Internet (Whorkshop)

Outline is an industry-leading, high performance solution for protecting your online activity. It relies on members of the community to spin up and manage their own VPN servers for others to use - and its Manager software makes it quite straightforward. In this 1.5 hour workshop, participants will learn about what Outline is and how it works, and will then learn how to set up their own Outline VPN server.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this session, you will be setting up an Outline VPN server through Digital Ocean. The Outline team will provide referral links that will provide a 2-month voucher for free Digital Ocean service, however to create a Digital Ocean account, you will still need to have an international credit card.

You will also need access to a desktop or laptop computer in order to set up an Outline server. You will not be able to set one up on a mobile device. Having a mobile device available during the event is also recommended for some testing, but not necessary.

Please feel free to contact if you will not have access to an international credit card or a desktop or laptop computer to participate in the event and we can discuss alternatives.

Daniel LaCosse is an engineer on the Outline Team who's previous work includes a TEDx talk on the logic of storytelling and building the Vine web player from scratch (RIP). He spends his free time improvising board games and trying to convince random strangers they should only be building their apps on the web.

Vinicius Fortuna is the engineering lead of the team at Jigsaw that protects people’s ability to participate in the global internet. He has led the team through initiatives to prevent censorship via stronger internet standards and platforms; mitigate censorship via circumvention tools such as the Outline VPN and Intra; and expose censorship via measurements and data analysis.

Notes and Resources

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