How the Internet Sees You: A Collaborative Workshop for Trainers and Digital Literacy Educators

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Session Description

How the Internet Sees You is a collaborative workshop designed to address a specific digital literacy need: the availability of resources that can help average and at-risk users to better understand how Internet communication works *generally*, and in sufficient technical depth to empower individuals to make their own best choices concerning privacy-protecting tools and practices. The HtISY project proposes to develop thoroughly-researched and cited web-based educational resources providing “intellectual scaffolding” necessary for a strong general technical understanding of systems and processes that undergird the Internet. Unlike the various (excellent and very commendable!) digital security training curricula available (JournoSec, Security-in-a-Box, etc.) the HtISY project is not specifically end-user oriented, and does not recommend specific security tools and practices. Instead, it aims to impart more in-depth general technical understanding about the anonymity risks to Internet users by showing "how the Internet sees you" at various steps in network path communication (MAC address, ISP address, cookie data, etc.), through the power of illustrative and interactive web-based visualizations, and explanatory resources. Also, unlike other digital security training curricula, this project will cite academic computer science journals to support its technical descriptions, providing the community as a whole a citable bibliography of resources to substantiate technical claims and recommendations. This collaborative workshop will invite digital security trainers and users to do the following things: 1) learn more about this project through a presentation of work already completed; 2) hack the idea and outline, and gather crucial feedback from trainers about the format, approach, etc.; 3) solicit and develop collaborative interest to support the project going forward; 4) brainstorm fundraising ideas to support the project; 5) have a goddamn fun and interesting conversation with digital security trainers and users about best approaches to public awareness building for digital literacy, addressing questions such as, "where are we going?" and "what's working and not working?" and "where are the gaps?" and so on.

How the Internet Sees You: A Collaborative Workshop for Trainers and Digital Literacy Educators
Presenter/s Ciprian Iancu
Bio/s Ciprian is deeply inspired by the power of circumvention technology to support human rights work internationally. He has a background in technology and non-profit management, and was previously active in the Tibetan human rights community, supporting a documentation project utilizing circumvention technology in mainland China. He served as program officer for the Open Internet Tools Project, which supported the community of open source circumvention tech developers and users, with services such as a small grants program, and community events such as the original Circumvention Tech Festival of 2015. He recently completed an interdisciplinary masters degree program at NYU, focusing on human rights and media theory, and did undergraduate studies in literature and languages (French and Chinese) at Bard College. His research and advocacy specialities include digital age freedoms, new media, surveillance, human rights, and non-violence.
Language English

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