How to run participatory trainings and events

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Session Description

During this session will we explore how to create trainings that maximise collaboration and peer sharing. We will look at ways to include participants as stakeholders in event/training development and increase interaction and peer learning. And we will discuss how to ensure that not only event/training goals are met, but also that participants walk away with a set of allies they have build solidarity with andcan support them in their work.

How to run participatory trainings
Presenter/s Dirk Slater
Organization FabRiders
Bio/s Dirk Slater is founder of FabRiders (, which focuses on utilising data and technology, facilitation of participatory events, and developing strong organisations and networks, all in service of improving the effectiveness of advocacy efforts. Dirk has more than two decades experience working with activists and advocates in over thirty countries on a variety of social change issues, including the empowerment of marginalised communities, defending the right to freedom of expression, and improving governmental transparency and accountability.
Language English

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