Humane Interfaces: What OpenPGP Gets Wrong & How To Fix It

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Session Description

In this conversation, Rob Hansen, Enigmail's usability nerd, will talk about the OpenPGP learning curve. It's as steep as the Matterhorn, but does it have to be? Maybe if we change the way we think about crypto, we'll discover new and more humane ways to evangelize for it and introduce it to others.

Humane Interfaces: What OpenPGP Gets Wrong & How To Fix It
Presenter/s Robert Hansen
Bio/s Short bio: Rob started using crypto in 1992 with PGP 2.6, and has kept involved in the community ever since. He joined Enigmail a decade ago, but if you remind him of that you'll just make him feel old. He holds a Master's degree in computer science and spent several years breaking electronic voting machines for the United States National Science Foundation. Rob hosted a session at CTF last year: "What We Don't Talk About When We Deny We're Talking", an exploration of the skeletons in the closets of crypto nerds: crypto isn't as secure as we like to pretend, we do a lousy job of preparing for compromise and recovery, we have real trouble keeping the charlatans out of our midst, and we tend not to talk about the mental health toll that this work can exact on us.
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