Internet Governance networking efforts: a gathering of groups starting from the deep country of Brazil

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Session Description

There are many groups acting on Internet Governance policies and practices around the world. This session aims to bring some of these groups together. Starting from the deep country of Brazil, teachers, students, civil society folks and others have gathered around this theme and have been organizing themselves online meeting with other groups. There are now ongoing efforts to always bring these groups together. The Internet Governance Forum 2015 that happened in the NE Brazil was the beginning of this network and the aim is to keep on expanding it. What are your views on the future of the internet? How would you participate in shaping it? Is there enough action from groups defending our rights online on international policy arenas? How can we increase these movements and empower disadvantaged populations when it comes to voicing their views in the future of the internet? Participate with us onsite and online through the articulation in several lists, online groups and mobile messaging networks in IG.

Internet Governance networking efforts: a gathering of groups starting from the deep country of Brazil
Presenter/s Renata Aquino Ribeiro & Participants of Internet Norte-Nordeste Community - Alyne Andrade, Cristiane Felinto, Viviane Vinagre, Ellison Diones, Silvana Rossy, Sabrina Hosokawa
Organization Federal University of Ceará - UFCE - Quixadá - Brazil
Bio/s Renata Aquino Ribeiro is currently a professor in the IT Campus at Quixadá City in Federal University of Ceará, Brazil. A moderator of the online groups Governança da Internet (online and mobile messaging), Internet Nordeste and participant in LACRALO, NCUC, Giganet, EGI 2014, WSIS10, NETMundial and many other groups and internet governance venues, there's extensive action in networking and articulating with these groups to identify future research and action alternatives in these arenas.
Language English, Spanish, Portuguese
Topics Regional activism, inclusion

Session Comments