Journalism security: meeting the users where they live

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Session Description

Journalism security workshops are normally about installing PGP and OTR. But this is often a poor match for the habits and concerns of working journalists. In many contexts most communication takes place through mobile apps, and journalists are more concerned with higher-level questions such as "how do I keep this source safe?" In this session I'd like to approach journosec from the point of view of the users, with discussions such as: - Case reports from those who have worked with journalists working in dangerous conditions. What are the journalists most concerned about? What should they be concerned about? - Recipes for addressing specific problems, e.g. "arrange a meeting with a source without the local police finding out their identity" or "prevent the government from knowing I am reading certain documents" - Which chat apps are secure against which threats? - Training followup reports: did the trainees change their behaviour? If not, did they say why not? How can we improve training outcomes? Happy to combine this with other journosec sessions.

Journalism security: meeting the users where they live
Presenter/s Matt Mitchell
Bio/s matthew mitchell is a former new york times data journalists and former developer at CNN, Time Inc, TVOne, Essence & other media organizations. He trains journalists, activists, and marginalized groups in operational security and information security. He also is the organizer of cryptoparty harlem, a monthly event in upper manhattan's harlem community - bringing the open internet & encryption to the people.
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