Localization Help Desk

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Localization Help Desk
Presenter(s) Translate House Team
Title(s) Localization Help Desk
Organization(s) Translate House
Project(s) Pootle
Social media
2017 theme Help Desk

Have questions about internationalization and localization of your tool? Need guidance creating resources to ensure quality translations? Looking for a platform for collaborative localization? Interested in building and supporting a community around localization of your tool? Simply interested in learning about collaborative localization platforms?

Come talk localization with the Translate House team, the developers of Pootle, a free and open-source translation platform with a security focus. Translate House not only has experience with development of localization tools and preparing projects for effective localization, but they had their start building communities around translation of free software into minority languages.

Format Help Desk
Target Groups Developers, Translators, International Organizations
Length 1
Skill Level
Language English, Afrikaans

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