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Welcome to the IFF wiki, a hub for the Internet Freedom Festival's community coordination efforts! The IFF is an initiative that brings together various communities throughout the world' fighting online surveillance and censorship to collaborate, share knowledge, and foment solidarity. Learn more .

Next Glitter Meetup

The IFF Glitter Meetup is a weekly virtual meetup designed to help the Internet Freedom community connect & share throughout the year in real-time.Learn more.

Date & Time: September 13 @ 10am EDT

Where: IFF Mattermost Square Channel

Guest: Marianela from podcast the Intersection of Things!

Language: English


  • Learn what does intersectionality mean, and ask all the related questions you may have.

• Discuss how we can better support women, queers, and people of color working in digital rights - and why its important!

• Podcasting and why its an important part of the IF movement, and tips on doing it.

Don't have a IFF Mattermost account? Email

Want to see next week's guest? Check out the IFF Glitter Meetup schedule