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The following are the current meetups planned. If you would like to propose one, please see the registration desk. Meetups are low key, and require someone to shepherd the gathering, and help people interact and network.

Monday, March 6

Global South Participants Collaborative Gathering: 17:00h (Trinh & Leila)

Researcher Meetup: 18:15h (Adam)

Racial Equality & Surveillance Gathering: 18:15h (Trinh & Thenmozhi)

Tuesday, March 7

MENA Meetup: 11:00h (Wafay Leila)

Sub-Saharan Africa Meetup: 12:15h (Moses & Natasha)

Women of Color, Gender Non-Conforming, Trans Meetup: 14:30h (Thenmozhi & Leila)

South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia Meetup: 15:45h (Trinh)

Developer Meetup: 17:00h (Matt)

Wednesday, March 8

LGBTQI Meetup: 11:00h (Viviane y Jac)

Introvert Meetup 12:15h (Steph Alarcon and Shawna Finnegan)

Policy Folk Meetup 2:30 (Renata)

Latin America Meetup 3:45pm (Sergio & Vivii)