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  • Paul Furley ( is offering himself to help people set up things like 2-factor and PGP.
  • A group of Asian activists are asking that individuals donate USB flashdrives or microSD cards. Drop them at the Information desk.
  • For every medication donated for Venezuela, individuals will receive latest album of the EuroVenezuelan punk band, “ZombiesNO” and/or a Humano Derecho Records t-shirt.
  • Peerio is looking for user experience research participants who have ~30 minutes to try out our application and chat with one of our UX designers. Our ideal participants have not used Peerio before and work in journalism, law, human rights, or governance, but all are welcome! The research involves a simple run through of our sign up and on boarding process. After the study, participants will also get some open Q&A time with our UX designer to ask any questions they may have about design, user experience, research, or anything else!
  • Peerio is looking for people who work in journalism, law, human rights, governance, or IT and security for these fields, who can spare 15-30 minutes to tell us about the peculiarities of their professions. Our goal is to identify problems these industries experience that the current landscape of secure communication tools are either failing to address or could improve upon. The stories participants’ share with us will have direct influence on what types of features and problems Peerio will dedicate resources towards solving in the upcoming month

If you have any questions, please email