NewNode VPN: Internet Access In Shutdowns And Disruptions

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  • Date: Thursday, December 8
  • Time: 10am to 11am EST / 3pm - 4pm UTC (What time is it in my city?)
  • Who: Arina Shalunova, Project Manager at NewNode & Marina Feygelman, Executive Director at NewNode
  • Location: Zoom


NewNode VPN: Internet Access In Shutdowns And Disruptions (Presentation)

There is a lot of talk about VPNs to fight censorship and using VPNs for security, but there’s a missing piece: what do you do when the internet isn’t there? Internet shutdowns generally happen at the times when up-to-date information is most important.

NewNode VPN helps users reach information even during internet shutdowns, using peer-to-peer and device-to-device connections. In this session, you will learn how the NewNode VPN works and what other NewNode-protocol products are available to support users in an internet shutdown or disruption. Individuals affected by internet shutdowns or who work with affected groups are encouraged to join this session.


  • Arina Shalunova joined NewNode in 2020. She is interested in digital rights, access, and community education.
  • Marina Feygelman is the executive director of NewNode, leading it from an idea to a deployed protocol with millions of users across three products. A molecular biologist by training, Marina has spent the last five years fighting and exposing internet censorship.

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