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This is the New York City Page for Coffee and Circumvention, monthly community run and owned meetup that happens simultaneously in various cities throughout the world - on the third Thursday of every month. It brings together technologists, artists, journalists, citizens and others interested in digital rights, online privacy and security, and open technology.

September 19, 2020

What: Trends Against Social Movements in Surveillance & Censorship

Where: The People's Forum. Check out the eventbrite for the address.

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In the past two years, social movements across the globe have seen an increase in surveillance, censorship and diverse type of attacks used agains them. From facial recognition technology in China to predictive policing methods in the US, we are witnessing an increase in the the types of tactics and sophistication of technology used.

Join us on September 19 @ 6:00pm and hear from a variety of privacy and security experts who will share trends they are witnessing and the next generation threats they are seeing on the horizon that will impact activists, journalists and citizens across the globe in coming years. Join us and learn:

  • What next generation surveillance, censorship and other technology related threats social activsits, journalists and citizens will be facing in coming years.
  • What people can do to start learning how to protect themselves and their networks
  • Network and meet individuals working on digital security, digital rights, and other comrades.

Featured speakers include, among others: Matt Mitchell, CryptoHarlem and Tactical Tech, Nick Merrill, Calyx Institute, Sandra Ordonez, Internet Freedom Festival, Idalin Bobé, Tech Activist

You must RSVP by either emailing or on the Eventbrite page: