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We would like to tell to the foreigner people visiting the IFF, how we are jailing banksters here in Spain. Xnet is the group of activists that has driven, sometimes using anonymity as a political tool, the initiatives that are behind the leaks and judicial process of one of the major corruption cases that is shaking Spanish politics today. 15MpaRato is a communication guerrilla device intended to act against the impunity of the Spanish economic elites that have caused the crisis. An ethical and strategic goal was chosen: the former vice president of the Spanish government and former president of the IMF -Rodrigo Rato- and his accomplices. It is the first time for Spanish society that the effects of citizen leaks are seen. This device found the evidence and the plaintiffs required to file a lawsuit against 33 of the major "banksters" responsible for the crisis in just one month. Through Crowdfunding it managed to gather, from an anonymous device and within hours, the 20,000 Euros needed for filing the lawsuit. After two years of litigation, and thanks to citizen collaboration and leaks through Xnet’s mailbox for reporting corruption, this digital identity has taken over 100 banksters & politicians from all political parties to court. It has contributed, with the evidence presented to justice, to help thousands of scammed small savers recover their money. The IMF ex-president and his accomplice the banker Miguel Blesa have had to face with their patrimony two of the most substantial personal bails in the history of Spain and they are losing all their privileges. Links: /

Presenter/s Xnet - 15MpaRato
Bio/s Xnet (exEXGAE) is a group of activists working since 2008 in fields related to: online democracy (participation mechanisms and citizen control of power and institutions); the advocacy of a neutral and free Internet; the free circulation of culture, knowledge and information and the defense of citizen journalism for the right to know, inform and be informed; the technical, communications and legal fight against corruption; and the technopolitics understood as the practice of networking and taking action for empowerment, justice and social transformation. Originally, this project was born in 2008 in Barcelona under the name EXGAE, focusing on free culture and the defense of citizens against abuses from copyright monopolies; work which continues to this day, getting actively involved in analyzing and struggling against secret free trade negotiations, and defending the use of the Internet as a tool to improve the quality of democracy and against civil rights cutbacks from the powers that be and the enemy governments of the Internet in a post Snowden’s revelations world.
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