Open Data in Closed Societies: Opportunities and Challenges

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Open Data in Closed Societies: Opportunities and Challenges
Presenter(s) Bronwen Robertson, Ei Myat Noe Khin, Ian Schuler
Title(s) Director of Research and Innovation, Small Media; Research Fellow, Social Impact Program Associate; CEO at Development Seed
Organization(s) Iran Open Data
Project(s) Iran Open Data
Country(ies) United Kingdom
Social media
2017 theme Policy & Advocacy

To set the stage for this session, the panel moderator will introduce Iran Open Data, a new web platform designed to facilitate the development of an open data ecosystem in closed societies such as Iran’s. For this panel, Iran will be used as a case study of a country whose government refuses to open data up to the public.

The diverse panellists will then be encouraged to discuss, from their own unique perspectives, the opportunities offered by open data, and the inherent challenges in working within restrictive frameworks. The panel will explore the role of governments in making data ‘open’ and will discuss how open data can be operationalised in contexts where governments fail to embrace the opportunities of open data.

The audience will be invited to contribute their own expertise and insights to the debate, and encouraged to identify ways the Iran Open Data Platform could best be used to stimulate the development of Iran’s open data ecosystem.

Format Panel Discussion
Target Groups Journalists, Software Developers, Designers, Advocacy/Policy Professional, Communications Professionals, Academia
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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