Ranking ICT companies on digital rights: A "how to" guide

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Session Description

A growing number of organizations are benchmarking ICT companies on various dimensions of digital rights, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (USA), Telecom Transparency Project (Canada), IXMaps (Canada), Fundacion Karisma (Colombia), Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (Mexico), Hiperderecho (Peru), and Ranking Digital Rights (global). Additional groups have expressed interest in launching such projects but are not sure where to start. This hands-on session will help participants develop their project idea by discussing scope (which companies? which rights? which business practices?), business models (including potential funding sources), and the research process (what criteria? who should conduct the research? what workflows?). We will reach out to potential attendees over the coming months, focusing on civil society groups that have express an interest in developing this type of project, and would also welcome the organizers’ help in identifying interested groups.

Ranking ICT companies on digital rights: A "how to" guide
Presenter/s Nathalie Marechal, Allon Bar
Bio/s Nathalie Marechal is a PhD student in Communication at the University of Southern California and affiliated researcher with Ranking Digital Rights, where she was the 2014 COMPASS Fellow.

Allon Bar is Research Coordinator and Human Rights Specialist with Ranking Digital Rights.

Language English

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