Security Policy

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  • Wear your badge at all times inside the venue: Our staff will be monitoring, and only attendees wearing badges will be allowed inside the session rooms.
  • Do not record any IFF activities: Photography, video, audio or any other kind of recording is not allowed inside the venue. When taking pictures outside the venue, please make sure that only people who consent to pictures are included.
  • Refraining from tweeting, posting, or publishing information about attendees (including names and affiliation) unless you obtain clear permission from them. This includes all tagging on social media.
  • Some photography and videography will take place in designated areas by designated staff only. However, you will be informed if any recording or photography will take place.
  • Badges and wristbands cannot be transferred.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above stated policies constitutes sufficient grounds for expulsion from the event.