State of Surveillance: Mexico

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State of Surveillance: Mexico
Presenter(s) Luis Fernando García
Title(s) State of Surveillance: Mexico
Organization(s) R3D
Project(s) Privacy Program
Country(ies) México
Social media
2017 theme Policy & Advocacy

"State of surveillance: out of control" is a recent report presented by R3D that tries to map and understand how state surveillance is being used in Mexico, a country marked by human rights crisis, social violence and rampant impunity. The session is aimed at sharing the methods used to research and produce empirical data on surveillance, to document cases of malware attacks against civil society, and the advocacy and litigation strategies to fight against illegal and abusive state surveillance in Mexico.

Format Panel Discussion
Target Groups policy experts, activists, journalists and everyone interested in fighting unlawful state surveillance
Length 1 Hour
Skill Level Introductory
Language Español, English

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