Strengthening advocacy for Internet Freedoms in Africa

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Session Description

Friday, March 4, 16:00 | La Factoria

How do we get freer, better and more affordable Internet in Africa? We want to have a lively conversation about policy and advocacy strategies that have worked in different countries in Africa and around the world. In this working session, we will be inviting everyone in the room to discuss ideas and first hand experiences. Come and share your thoughts!

We will also introduce the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms and FAST Africa a new grassroots campaign for full speed Internet for all.

Strengthening advocacy for Internet Freedoms in Africa
Presenter/s Françoise Mukuku (Amazone Consultancy), Sheetal Kumar (Global Partners Digital), Renata Avila (Web We Want), additional speakers to be confirmed
Bio/s Françoise Mukuku is a journalist and outspoken defender of women's rights and social justice who works as a consultant at the Amazon Consultancy office based in Kinshasa, in Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC); Sheetal Kumar works for Global Partners Digital and provides strategic oversight for a programme which supports civil society organisations to protect and promote human rights online ; Renata Avila is a human rights lawyer and the Global Campaign Manager of the Web We Want initiative of the World Wide Web Foundation.
Language English
Topics Africa, Internet Rights, Activism, Advocacy

Session Comments