Teaching security to junior web developers

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Session Description

The (real or imagined) shortage of programmers in the labour market has lead to a huge rise of initiatives to teach people to code outside of the typical context of academia. This has given rise to any number of programs and organizations. Some, like Railsbridge and Node School, are largely community-driven. Others are for-profit "bootcamps", and yet others are a hybrid of the two (e.g. small online and offline "Learn WordPress in 2 days" workshops). Many graduates from these programs find themselves launching careers as web designers and developers extremely quickly and shipping websites and apps soon after getting started. Quite often, the combination of inexperience and an eagerness to ship quickly and often results i n products that are open to a world of security vulnerabilities that the developers (and their clients or users) are completely unaware of. This workshop is aimed at developers who are interested in developer education. The goals will be to have an open discussion about how the idea of security can be instilled as early as possible in the thought processes of new web programmers. We will consider how to best incorporate security concepts into materials for developer education and to teach caution while simultaneously not intimidate new developers.

Teaching security to junior web developers
Presenter/s Florencia Herra Vega
Bio/s Florencia Herra Vega is a backend developer and the CTO of Peerio. She previously organized Railsbridge Montreal and has been heavily involved in advocacy and grassroots education programs for the past decade, particularly around harm reduction, gender and queer issues.
Language English

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