Technology Battlefronts - How to Fight for the User

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Session Description

Too often developers feel that the best way they can benefit their users is to implement slick UIs or build extra features. As members of the tech community we are in a unique position to both understand and affect the course of tech standards and law that have major impacts on the lives of almost everyone who uses the internet. These issues often get forgotten in the rush for more features and slick design. As the internet has become central to our culture, web privacy has gone from being a convenience to a human rights issue. Tech law is constantly changing, with some of the companies in our field being the key players in how these laws are written. In this session I will go over ways in which user privacy is at risk, why it's not just a hypothetical problem, and what can be done to continue to protect it, both as a software developer and as a member of the tech community. We will also discuss the ways in which governments are trying to regulate technology and how we can steer tech law in the right direction. The discussion will revolve around the moral obligation that we as technologists have to write technology for good and what are the best ways to fight for the user.

Technology Battlefronts - How to Fight for the User
Presenter/s Noah Swartz
Bio/s Noah is a Staff Technologist on the Tech Projects team. He works on the various software the EFF produces and maintains, including but not limited to Privacy Badger and Let's Encrypt. Before joining EFF Noah was a researcher at the MIT Media Lab as well as a technomancer and free software/culture advocate.
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